Tournament Seeding Procedures

The District One Tennis Chairperson will organize the Seed Meeting for Team and Individual Tournaments .

The District One Tennis Steering Committee members meet to determine which Schools/Individuals will participate in the District tournaments.  Schools/Individuals interested in competing in the District Tennis Tournaments must notify their League representative and/or the Tennis Chairman of their desire to participate.  Eligible Schools/Individuals will then be considered for entry into the tournament.  League representatives discuss their member school's qualifications and propose to rank them appropriately.

Seed meetings are open meetings.  However League appointed Tennis Committee members are the only persons allowed to vote during this process.  Votes are counted and finalized by the District One Tennis Chairman.

Tournament Seeds are final at the conclusion of the Seed Meeting.

District Team Tennis Tournament
  • League Champions will receive an automatic bid into the team tournament.
    • Note: if a 2A school is a league champion, the league will not receive an automatic bid into the 3A tournament.
  • Steering committee will use the best of 5 head to head scoring to enter the remaining wildcard teams into the team tournament.
  • Steering committee will use best of 5 scoring to seed teams and rank them for the tournament.
District Singles / Doubles Tennis Tournament
Number of Teams in a League / Number of District Qualifiers.  rev.8/22

3 Teams = 1 District Qualifier

4 - 5 Teams = 2 District Qualifiers

6 - 7 Teams = 3 District Qualifiers

8 - 9 Teams = 4 District Qualifiers

10 - 11 Teams = 5 District Qualifiers  

12 + Teams = 6 District Qualifiers

Note: 3A Schools w/ fewer than 3 teams will be considered for a wildcard if they finish 1st in their conference