Championship Schedule

 District One Boys Tennis Championship Dates


TEAM TENNIS - Early Rounds and Semifinals at Higher Seed. Finals at Neutral Site.

2019 Singles Tournament

2A 1st-2nd Round - April 26th (at TBA)

2A Championship - April 27th (at TBA)

3A 1st-2nd Round - April 26th (at TBA)

3A 3rd-4th Round - April 27th (at TBA)

3A Championship Matches - May 11th (at TBA)

2019 Doubles Tournament

2A 1st-3rd Round - May 10th (at TBA)

2A Championship Matches - May 11th (at TBA) 

3A 1st-3rd Round - May 10th (at TBA)

3A Championship Matches - May 11th (at TBA) 

2019 AA Team Tournament

1st Round - May 2

Semifinals - May 6

Finals - May 7 at TBA

2019 AAA Team Tournament

1st Round - May 2

Quarterfinal - May 6

Semifinals - May 7

Finals / Playback - May 8 at TBA